Mira and I were going to my hometown on Christmas holiday. So, days before we departed to Makassar, we were looking for some essentials stuff, such as shoes, shirts, and underwears.

To get those stuff, we went to several mall in Batam. I don’t usually go to the mall for shopping, just visit that modern shopping centre if I want to watch a great movie in cinema.

Since it was holiday season, malls are full of people doing anything, from just hang out to ice skating. Sebelum Natal-21

Sebelum Natal-23

Sebelum Natal-22 Sebelum Natal-30 Sebelum Natal-26 Sebelum Natal-33 Sebelum Natal-19 Sebelum Natal-20Sebelum Natal-24


While shopping with Mira, I usually accompany her to the woman underwear area, and I have nothing to do. Now, with a pocket camera in my hand, I won’t get bored anymore.

Sebelum Natal-29 Sebelum Natal-28 Sebelum Natal-15 Sebelum Natal-14 Sebelum Natal-12 Sebelum Natal-17 Sebelum Natal-18


We don’t have winter in Indonesia. That’s why Ice Skating is always attract lots of people. They even want to spend more money to know how it fells when skating on ice.Sebelum Natal-31

Sebelum Natal-32


Not everyone enjoyed shopping. Especially for this little girl whom her mother was busy with her smartphone.Sebelum Natal-25

Sebelum Natal-27

Another day before Christmas, while Mira were enjoying facial treatment in Penuin, I went to Nagoya Hill to buy a new UV Vilter for my lovely Nikkor 50mm. And like other malls, Nagoya Hill was also full with people.

Sebelum Natal-4 Sebelum Natal-3 Sebelum Natal-2 Sebelum Natal-5 Sebelum Natal-6 Sebelum Natal-7 Sebelum Natal-8Sebelum Natal-9 Sebelum Natal-1


That’s all for today. Thanks for your visit.