Several soccer fans climb the stadium wall to enter the Andi Matalatta Stadium in Makassar. They use their scarfs or several clothes that are tied to make a long line. More than 15 thousand spectators attended the stadium to watch the second leg of Indonesian Cup Final in Makassar.

The final would face two Indonesia legendary club: PSM Makassar and Persija Jakarta. Persija won the first game a week before when the game was played in Jakarta. Unfortunately, Persija made a controversial move as they refuse to play due to the safety situation. Its move force Indonesia Soccer Association (PSSI) delay the game.

The home party, PSM Makassar doesn’t accept that kind of act by Persija and Association decision. The club has granted safety permission from local Police and local authority to run the game so there is no reason to stop and move the final schedule.

PSSI has announced that the delayed second leg will plays on August 6, 2019.