A teacher of Junior High School 5 in Tobadak, Mamuju Tengah, West Sulawesi Province in Indonesian catch a 3-meter python with a bare hand on August 8, 2019. The teacher named Putu Ayu Suyastini spontaneously went to a rubbish bin when her pupils scream after they saw python in it.

In the video that was recorded by another teacher Wina Priyanti, Ms.Ayu use the broom handle to lift python head and grab it bare hand. She then used the plastic rope to wrap around its head so she, with help from her pupils, can pull the snake out of the rubbish bin. When she wrapped the head, she smiled and did it like a professional.

Asked whether she had ever handle python before, Ms. Ayu said that it was the first time she did the dangerous act. “I never did such a thing like that before. It was a spontaneous act because I didn’t want it worrying pupils and this school,” she said.

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