Natural Park Without a Single Attraction

Dam Muka Kuning di Batam merupakan salah satu objek yang berada di dalam kawasan Hutan Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Muka Kuning
Mukakuning Water Reservoir

Established by the Forestry Ministerial Decree number 427/Kpts-II/1992, Mukakuning National Park (TWA Mukakuning) is the only Natural Park under The Natural Resources Concervation Great Office (BBKSDA) Riau. Based on Forest Mapping and Inventory Sub Office at Pekan Baru measured in 1986, the area had 2,065.62 widht.

Boundary Map of TWA Mukakuning Showed the Natural Park extend from Sei Lady Water Reservoir to over the Bukit Indah Sukajadi Recidence, over the Panbill Resicdence, Mukakuning Water Reservoir, to the Basecamp Crossroad at Sagulung Sub-Distric.

But, even it is called Natural Park (in Indonesian it is called Taman Wisata Alam ‘TWA’ or Natural Tourism Park), there is no a single attraction inside.

“It is not like other Natural Parks such as Kaliurang Natural Park in Yogyakarta. Muka kuning National Park have no attraction at all,” said Head Of Censervation Section of BBKSDA, Nur Patria.

Attachment of the Forestry Minister Regulation number P049/Menhut-II/2011 about National Plan of Forrestry told, TWA  which include to Conservational Forest category utilized for fourest resources conservation. It’s utilization must consider tha economical, social and beneficial, protection and preservation aspects. Patria conclude its function in three : conservation, biodiversity, and benefit fuctions.

As a natural park, TWA Mukakuning is rich of biodiversities. BBKSDA website mentions some endemic floras such as, bintagur, tempoyam, nibung, kempsa, pasak bumi, balam, meranti, riang-riang, kind of mangosteen, and pelawan. It also become the great habitat for some faunas species such as long tailed monkey, wild boar, deers, reptiles, and birds. To complete data of species, BBKSDA still collecting species to invent biodiversity of TWA Mukakuning.

Unfortunately, rampant develompent inside the conservation zone reduce its area. At present, only 930 acre left. This condition pushed Patria to use park tourism potential to save the forest.

“If the attraction give huge benefit for people, it will push them to increase their responsibility to the forest,” Patria said.

Biodiversity richness, then, inspire Patria to create tracking route. Tourist can enjoy some package based on hours or camping. He believes, those kind of programs will attract foreign tourist, especially from Singapore.

“Attraction of TWA Mukakuning can be used to invite tourist from Singapore. They dont have forest. To get jungle sensation, they go to Malaysia,” he added.

Beside TWA Mukakuning, Batam has Hunting Park on Rempang Island. Its name shows that that forest is for hunting. At the begining, the island was coverd by forest. Satelite image analyzed by BBKSDA informed the area has 15,640 acres width. Today, only 3,900 acres left. The forest has converted to vegetables and dragon fruit farms. The convertion increased after six bridges connect the islands with Batam. Patria said:”We don’t know about the preys anymore.”

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