Indonesia Muslim Fashion Expo in Makassar

Tens of Indonesian muslim fashion brands and shops take part in Moslem Fashion Expo in Makassar Indonesia. The expo held from November 12 to 15, 2015. Apart of fashion products expo, it also held several fashions shows. Muslim fashion Industry grows very fast in Indonesia in the past several years. As common fashion, Muslim clothing … Read more

Losari Dragon Boat International Festival in Makassar Day 1

A total of 41 teams participate in Losari Dragon Boat International Festival in Makassar, Indonesia. The teams come from Asian coutries, Australia, and from Makassar. The festival was held to celebrate the 408th anniversary of Makassar City.   See all images at Pacific Press Gallery.   Thanks for your visit.

Guanyin Goddess and Chinese Graves In Batam

Statue of Goddess Kwan Im also an icon of Batam Island. The statue is the result of the work of human hands is located at Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang, precisely at KTM Resort.It is originally located on the waterfront facing Singapore, but eventually it was being moved to the front of the temple. Goddess Kwan Im statue built … Read more

Car Free Day in Makassar

Thousands people gather at Losari Beach during car free day event in Makassar, Indonesia. Families and communities came to the area for doing many activities such as sport, shopping, or try new foods. The event regularly held on Sunday morning.

Iguana tail dangles at the back of a man during car free day event at Losari Beach.
A blind musician performs on the street during car free day event at Losari Beach.
A girl watches a snake creeping on the ground during car free day event at Losari Beach.
A family posed with a man wears Disney’s Mickey Mouse costume during car free day event at Losari Beach.
A macaque leads a motorcycle-like when performs masked monkey at Losari Beach.

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Heavy rain hits Makassar after four dry month

Heavy rain hits the city of Makassar, Indonesia for about 45 minutes in the afternoon. It was the first rain since last June 2015. The rain came earlier than Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency predicted. The agency predicted rain would drop in Makassar in the middle of November. Makassar, as most area In Indonesia suffer … Read more

Indonesia : Daily Life of a Stroke Victim

October 29 is commemorated as World Stroke Day. The annual event was started in 2006 by the World Stroke Organization(WSO) and the WSO declared stroke a public health emergency in 2010. One of the stroke victim is Andarias Sarra, 80, who lives in Makassar, Indonesia. Mr. Sarra survives from two stroke attacks. He first got … Read more

Lebaran Pertama Di Makassar

Ketika bangun hari pada hari Lebaran pertama 17 Juli lalu, saya merasa ragu. Waktu itu pukul empat pagi dan saya berpikir apakah akan keluar subuh itu untuk memotret suasana salat Idul Fitri. Mau ke lapangan Karebosi yang jadi pusat salat ied, tapi jalanan di sekitarnya pasti sudah ditutup sana sini sejak dini hari. Akhirnya saya … Read more